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Presentation modality: poster
Research, nursing care and cultural diversity


REF.: 051
Country: United Kingdom

Black caribbean men's sexual decisions and health behaviour
Laura Serrant-Green
Dr. Centre for Health and Social Care Improvement, Univeristy of Wolverhampton (UK)

Mail delivery: Centre for Health and Social Care Improvement, Univeristy of Wolverhampton, City Camus, Wolverhampton WV1 1SB (UK)

Rev Paraninfo digital, 2007: 2

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Serrant-Green, Laura. Black caribbean men's sexual decisions and health behaviour. Rev Paraninfo Digital, 2007; 2. In: <http://www.index-f.com/para/n2/051.php> Consulted 17 de Agosto del 2022



This poster is based on the theoretical framework underpinning a research study focusing on black Caribbean men's sexual decisions and health behaviour. A central issue in the methodology was the role played by social scripts in framing the health and life experiences of individuals in society. The study utilised the experiences of black British Caribbean men and other key players in their sexual health to explore the ways in which socially determined sexual scripts impact on the lives and health experiences of individuals in British society at a particular point in time.
In investigating these issues the notion of �Screaming Silences� was developed to unite the theoretical and philosophical approaches that underpinned the research, the experiences of the researcher and participants involved. Screaming Silences applied in this study exposed the way in which social scripts shape, influence and inform individual and group understanding of sexuality and sexual behaviour today. Social scripts act as a contextualising feature to strategies aiming to reduce sexual risk taking amongst particular population groups as a way of addressing increasing rates of HIV/AIDS, Sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.
While the term screaming silences was specifically applied to a sexual health and ethnicity context it provides a potentially useful basis for developing a theoretical framework for researching sensitive clinical issues or the health care needs of marginalised populations in general. Screaming silences are defined as areas of research and experience which are little researched, understood or silenced (Serrant-Green 2004). Whether or when they are heard is determined by the listener and they are exposed through the voices of marginalised people or in specific clinical contexts. The intent in this paper is to present the notion of screaming silences using excerpts from the original study and begin to map out the possibilities for its wider application to transcultural and clinical research. If this poster raises additional questions for transcultural research and brings researchers additional evidence on which to consider their methodologies then it will have achieved its aim.
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