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Research, nursing care and cultural diversity




REF.: 030
Country: United Kingdom

Supporting Parenting in Hertfordshire: An Evaluation of Positive Beginnings
Bloomfield L, Kendall S, Widiatmoko D, Wilcox M
Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care, University of Hertfordshire, College Lane, Hatfield (UK)

Mail delivery: Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care, University of Hertfordshire, College Lane, Hatfield AL10 9AB (UK)

Rev Paraninfo digital, 2007: 2

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Bloomfield L, Kendall S, Widiatmoko D, Wilcox M. Supporting Parenting in Hertfordshire: An Evaluation of Positive Beginnings. Rev Paraninfo Digital, 2007; 2. In: <http://www.index-f.com/para/n2/030.php> Consulted 17 de Agosto del 2022



Objectives: Positive Beginnings is modelled on SureStart programmes and based on the principles of targeting open access services for 0-5 year olds in deprived communities. The projects involve inter-disciplinary and collaborative working between health visitors, speech and language therapists and play-workers. The study aimed to assess the impact of Positive Beginnings on outcomes for children and families, whether the project delivers value for money, and to provide evidence towards recommendations about the future of Positive Beginnings in relation to Hertfordshire's Preventive and Children's Centre strategy.
Methods: This was an observational study of two case study sites in Hertfordshire that provide parenting support through Positive Beginnings. We collected qualitative data to explore the experiences and views of service users and practitioners; 12 interviews with staff, 4 focus groups with parents and carers, demographic and output data collection, and resource costing.
Results: Positive Beginnings is well accepted and accessed by parents and children. The service reaches families who reject other health services and parents value the opportunity to seek health advice at the drop in sessions. Access to the speech and language therapist cuts down on waiting lists for referrals and reduces unnecessary referrals. The range of structured activities in a safe, child friendly environment contribute to the children�s social, emotional and educational development and provide a source of social support for parents. The service provides good value for money and could contribute to cost savings in the future.
Conclusions: The findings from the cost analysis and qualitative evidence from both sites would suggest that Positive Beginings provides an excellent service that is responsive to parental and child need. The service meets a range of policy expectations and would seem to both provide good value for money and potentially save money in the long term through early detection of need and parental support.
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