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Research, nursing care and cultural diversity




 REF.: 017
Country: United Kingdom

Transitions to Parenthood: A Case Study of the Early Experiences of Teenage Mothers and Fathers
Graham M, Bryar R, Kendall S
Public Health and Primary Care Unit, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University London (UK)

Mail delivery: Public Health and Primary Care Unit, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University London, 20 Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7QN (UK)

Rev Paraninfo digital, 2007: 2

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Graham M, Bryar R, Kendall S. Transitions to Parenthood: A Case Study of the Early Experiences of Teenage Mothers and Fathers. Rev Paraninfo Digital, 2007; 2. In: <https://www.index-f.com/para/n2/017.php> Consulted 05 de Diciembre del 2023



Objectives: International debate about the long-term social, health and welfare implications of teenage parenthood has gained momentum in recent years. These debates have been particularly marked in the UK where teenage pregnancy and parenthood have become a specific focus for policy intervention. However, despite the intense focus on teenage parents, knowledge and understanding about teenage parenthood in the UK is still developing empirically and theoretically.
This poster presents findings from an ongoing qualitative research study of teenage parenthood in England. The study is following teenage mother and father couples, from the time when they are soon to become parents, up until their children are 18 months of age. The aim of the research is to explore in-depth, the processes influencing the experiences of teenage mothers and fathers in their transition to parenthood.
Methods: The research is using a case study research approach. Participants have been drawn from two areas in England with high birth rates to teenage women. Ten pairs of expectant teenage mothers and fathers aged 19 years and younger have been recruited by their health or social care professional. The research is employing a longitudinal approach to collect data in four phases to document the teenage participants� transition to parenthood over time. Data collection methods include: semi-structured interviews, participant diaries and documentary analysis. Data are being analysed thematically.
Findings: The findings highlighted in this poster presentation are drawn from interviews conducted with teenage mothers and fathers before the birth of their children. Findings relating to teenage mothers and fathers changing roles, responsibilities and relationships are presented.
Conclusions: This presentation will contribute to the conference theme �transition in the lifespan�. It will highlight ways in which public health and social care policies and services might be developed to best support teenage parents at a key stage in their lives.
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