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Preparing lunch in the incredible India
Gaya, India, February 2006
20x30 Color

Sonia Uceira1 (text) y Diego Merino (photography)
1Hospital Materno Infantil Teresa Herrera de A Coruña, España

Index de Enfermería [Index Enferm] 2006; 55: 70








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Uceira S, Merino D. Preparing lunch in the incredible India. Index de Enfermería [Index Enferm] (digital edition) 2006; 55. In </index-enfermeria/55/e6403.php> Consulted




    On the top of Brahma Hill in Gaya religions live together side by side. Tolerance allows a hindu temple and a buddhist stupa to coexist peacefully on the same spot.
    A little bit further down, quietly sitted at 440 steps high we spent a long while chatting with the hindu pujaris (the men who perform the offerings to the Gods).
    Soon it is lunch time and we witness, with the certainty of being watching an "essential survival lesson", how they prepare their food, perhaps reproducing the way our own ancestors did on a very distant day.
    Amongst the four of them, the one who seems to be the older one has just taken a stone from the surroundings. He takes off his sandals and washes his hands with the water of a plastic bottle. Then washes the stone and also a little area on the rocky step in which he places and grinds all the ingredients he carries on a piece of paper.
    His wise and hardened hands start with the pepper grains and then slowly adding dry chillies, garlic, seeds...
    The mixture is so spicy that two steps further our eyes begin to itch only with the smell.
    The outcoming "masala", an orange paste, is then placed in a leave of the very tree shading us. That leave, that for its hardness and shape seems to be related with the magnolia, was also previously washed with a bit of water.
    With the border of a can he cuts the potatoes and onions with the same easiness as if it was the most sharpened knife.
    Then one of his comrades collects some branches and heats water on a clay pot and in the meantime he sews some leaves with little stems making them into perfect dishes for lunch.
    The basic feeding necessity satisfactorily solved!
    They invite us to join them with the joyful and honest generosity of the ones who share all they have.
    Thanks for the invitation.
    Thanks for the teaching.



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