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Declaration of Public Interest by the Department of Education and Science of the Junta de Andalucía (Spain)




Where is Index?


Index has it headquarters in an ancient building located in the historic downtown area of Granada, very close to the place where Saint Juan de Dios founded his first hospital for the poor.
The Casa de Mágina is a center for scientific and educational activities that is located in the Nature Reserve of Sierra Mágina, in the province of Jaén, Andalusia (Spain).
Index-Norte has its headquarters in Zaragoza, in the Escuela Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud (University School of Health Science).
Index has Collaborating Centres in other European and Latin American countries, in Universities and in some other centres with which it has cooperation agreements.









Index Foundation is one of the scientific
institutions with greater impact on national and international nursing. Its activities concerning promotion of research on health care in the Latin American context are worth mentioning. From the mid 80’s, Index has been working on the of the nursing knowledge management, developing lines and groups of research, generating bibliographic database, carrying out formative activities (courses, seminars and in-person workshops, distance learning, etc) and promoting scientific meetings, in which it is important to highlight its worry about the cultural component of care and the humanization of health.

The Index project was born in 1987 thanks to a group of professionals linked to the Andalusian Health Service, that take research as a strategy to carry out the changes proposed by the health reform. Statutorily, it is constituted as a scientific society, the “Documentation Centre of Community Nursing”, with the aim of developing lines of research in the field of scientific information on health. In 1994 it became a private non-profit foundation and it extended its field of action, including research on other areas (history, identity, culture of care, etc) and leading some of the more important present movements, such as Evidence Based Nursing, qualitative research on health or anthropology of care.

Nowadays, Index is administered by a board of directors that represent the Governing Board of the foundation. It also has the support of the Scientific Council made up of members that enjoy great prestige in the scientific and academic fields and that act as consultants. Besides, it counts on patron members such as those who hold public office as well as authorities from several academic institutions and from national and international scientific societies. It is supervised by the Department of Government? of the Junta de Andalucía. The foundation is financed by its members’ contributions, by scientific activities sponsored by the own foundation and by subsidies from public and private entities, with some of which it has signed collaboration agreements.

One of the outstanding features of Index is its open nature, always willing to collaborate. It also involves more than thirty national and international entities with which Index has signed cooperation and scientific exchange agreements.


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1. To contribute to the development of the study of health care from a multidisciplinary perspective, including a clinical, sociological, anthropological and historic approach.

2. To promote actions in order to support research in the field of health care carried out by research teams as well as by non-profit associations and scientific societies.

3. To improve the diffusion of scientific information specialized in health care, helping the accessibility of professionals and researchers to the sources and stocks of documents.

4. To provide the necessary means to train and advise professionals and researchers, with special attention to the use of research tools and the ability in scientific writing.

5. To develop projects in order to promote the participation of social sectors in the field of Community Health, promoting lines of joint work with mutual help associations, neighbourhood associations, women and young associations and some other social groups.

6. To carry out activities related to the development cooperation and the promotion of solidarity among people, or to make people from developed countries aware of the situation of the Third World, with special attention to the role of the woman as carer and educator, maternity and child care, support to marginalized young people, elderly people, etc. All in all, supporting and promoting community health actions and education for health and development to promote equality and human dignity.


The strategy used by Index to promote Research on Nursing covers the whole cycle of nursing knowledge, with theoretical production, discovery (primary and secondary research) and practical applications which are carried out attending to the following postulates:

-It is carried out from a great diversity of theories, disciplines, methods and cultures, taking complementarity as a strategy to integrate knowledge.

-The independence of the Index project makes it possible to work from a freethinking perspective that encourages review and creativity, out of academic or political dogmatism.

-It is assumed the validity of the Spanish language for the scientific expression and it is claimed its potential for generating adequate and universally valid knowledge, taking a critical position against the hegemony excluding other linguistic and geographical areas.

-It is conceived from the periphery, in a geographical and disciplinary sense, because it claims the scientific capability of the social groups whose problems in the field of the technological development are particularly acute and who remain invisible for hegemonic science.

-The Index project is a creation made by and for researchers, although it is open to different opinions and contributions. It is a non profit foundation and that is why professionals linked to Index collaborate in an altruistic way, under the supposition of a philosophy of nets.


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Group of Documentary Studies of Nursing
Laboratory of Qualitative Research

Observatory of Evidence Based Nursing

International Net for the History of Nursing and Nursing Thinking

Latin American Council of Publishers of Nursing Journals and similar ones (CIBERE)

-Analysis of the Scientific Production of Spanish and Latin American Nursing
-Evidence Based Nursing
-Adjustment of Scientific Nursing Journals
- Sources and methods for the History of Nursing
- Work methodology in Nursing
-Culture of care
-Usefulness of the Qualitative Research in Health
-Analysis of the traditional knowledge of health
-Family care and support networks
-Experience of suffering


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-Scientific Conferences of the Index Foundation (Scientific Information and Health Care, The Nursing Diagnosis in Spain, Talks between readers, authors and scientific publishers, Alma-Ata twenty years after, Young people and health, Nursing Care in a Multicultural Society, Nurses and Organizations: meetings and missed opportunities, History, magistra vitae, Anthropology of Care, etc).
-Latin American Conference of Publishers of Nursing Journals.
-Meeting on Qualitative Health Research (Participatory Research in Health, Methodologies for a social and cultural analysis of care, Interview in depth, Ways of analysis of qualitative research, Ethnographic Studies in Health Institutions, Nursing and Oral History, etc).
-Meeting on Evidence Based Nursing
-Meeting of people responsible for Research on Nursing of Health Institutions
-Latin American Meetings on Cooperation and Health
-Meeting of Nurses and Anthropologist Nurses
-Forándalus Meeting of Promotion of Research on Nursing
-Index Scientific Tuesdays




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